Villa Anuschka ****

ons huis in Istrië

Villa Anuschka, house in Istria

Villa Anuschka
terras2 The house is a semi detached villa with a floor space of about 135 square metres. It is surrounded by three terraces and a small garden. Since it has been built on the slope of a hill, the bedrooms are on a lower level than the living quarters, majestically overlooking the Adriatic and the rugged coastline of the isle of Cres, at a distance of about three miles.

After nightfall Rijeka and the small harbour of Cres gently illuminate the horizon.

The distance to the shoreline is about 200 metres. The difference in height, however, is 150 metres. Because of this steep incline, it is only possible to descent to the coastline make by car.

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The living quarters -with terrace, kitchen and toilet- are situated on the ground floor. Also, there is a terrace near the entrance. In the living quarters there is a hearth and the two settees can be converted into very comfortable beds. By doing so, it is possible to house six persons. The dining area has an extension table, large enough for six guests. The terrace adjoining the living quarters is partly roofed over/for the greater part, thus offering a welcome shadow during the hottest hours of the day. This terrace too has with a hearth fire, which makes it a delightful place to sojourn / have a cocktail hour in the evening and watch the sun go down/ sink in the Adriatic, where the ancient Greek fought so many a sea battle in their cleverly constructed triremes, while we, barbarians, still walked around in bearskins.

This hearth is also fitted out to have a barbecue on.

The house also has an air conditioning system, both in the living quarters and the bedrooms.

In winter time the airco-system can be used to heat the room(s).

The kitchen is well equipped: refrigerator, spacious freezer, microwave, dishwasher and a thermal hot plate.

Lower floor/basement

The lower floor has two spacious double bedded rooms, a bathroom with a shower, second toilet, washbasin and bidet. In the spacious storage room you will find a washing machine, a tumble dryer, water heater, ironing board and a flat iron. Also, there is a small safe in the house.  
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